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Sensual Photos. Intimate Films. Amazing Naked Girls. All taken by Petter Hegre, winner of the "Photographer of the year 2001" at the Erotic Oscars in London. So if you're looking for an erotic experience that will thrill you, inspire you, and affect you deeply, this is your art nude site!

Hegre flowerWhat makes a really great erotic film? We think we know the answer. Its intimacy. Take a beautiful Metgirls, have her remove her clothes, and get intimate with her on film, and you have an erotic masterpiece. Thats what Hegre Films are all about. You get intimate with the girl of your dreams. She dances in your lap, she brushes against your skin, you can almost smell her perfume. With our films, you dont just watch. You enter a whole new world of wonderful beauty.
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Hegre has now thousands of photos...

Katya by Petter HegreUndoubtedly one of the most productive and popular trips Petter Hegre has taken was his journey to Moscow in search of Russias top models. And he found them by the dozens! Taking along Luba as a translator and facilitator, to her native Kiev and shoots her young friends naked. Hegre has now thousands of photos of her friends on our site the adorable Anya, sensual Zhanna, 19 year old Yana, Ira in the shower, Luba and many many more. Nothing can compare to the intimacy Petter Hegre returned with thousands of shots of the mosterotic girls in the world. This page shows you but a small sampling of this artnude collection.

Metgirls most of them 18 or 19

Luba HegreIn Hegre famous Girl-on-Girl series, you can see what almost no other site can offer photos of girls taken by Metgirls. And not just any girls, but Luba and her incredible friends. Every month or so, Luba returns this Forum is in itself well worth the price of membership! Guys are posting intimate naked shots of their girlfriends. For amateur artnudes, is as good as it gets.

If you like mosterotic Metgirls most of them 18 or 19 then this is the site for you!

Galitsin metgirls gallery

Galitsin metgirls gallery

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