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Quality nudes - photos of nude models? The best fine nude art, nude pictures, artnude photography? DOMAI has tasteful Fine Art Photography artistic nudes. If you love beautiful women, has them: natural, happy, pretty goddesses who enjoy that you are enjoying their beauty. DOMAI pioneered 'simple nudes', and is still the best and biggest nude site.

The Dirty Old Men's Association International is for unabashed lovers of beauty. DOMAI is an independent society for men (or indeed women) who have the guts to stand forth and say to the world:

Are nude photos immoral? No, we think nude photos are natural. Nude photos are not even necessarily sexual, nude photos simply show humans in their natural state.
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I am a Dirty Old Man, and I'm proud of it ...

Domai Pure NudeDOMAI is all about the beauty of pretty girls. For aesthetics is the most important thing there is; that is our philosophy. DOMAI is not really about women, but about the beauty of women.

"Pretty Young Girls" are of any age, not just young girls. These certainly have a special aesthetic, but even an 80-year-old can be a PYG if she has class.

"I am a Dirty Old Man, and I'm proud of it" To get it out of the way early on, the term "Dirty Old Man" is age-independent. Personally, I have been a DOM since I was knee-high to a duck.

Are nude photos immoral? No, we think ...

Domai Galitsin ValentinaThe only requirement is that one of a DOMAI greater pleasures in life is admiring beautiful girls. (Perhaps it would be more politically correct to term them Women; but then again, it would probably be futile to worry or supported by any other action.

He is made happy by the world, he knows that he really owns it without having to prove it, and he is not ashamed by his happiness and enjoyment.

On DOMAI site: no porn. No pop-ups. No animated design. Just excellent nude pictures of beautiful girls. And stories and articles too, about beauty, culture and nudity.

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